The Blogging Musician has now reached 1000 Followers!

Thank you to each and everyone of you for following my blog.

I have new instalments of my travel blogs A Postcard to Blackpool and Prague: The Musical City coming to you very soon. Music-wise, they’ll be brand new episodes of Acoustic Corner and the next entry in my Songwriting Diary .  For guitar gear, I have reviews of the Yamaha Pacifica 112J and the Taylor 110e acoustic in the works too.

As ever, all your thoughts and feedback are greatly appreciated, and don’t forget this is an open blog too, which gladly accepts guest blogs and contributions. Why not send me something!

Thank you again for following my mish-mash of music, guitar reviews, guitar tips, songwriting, producing, writing, travel writing and general commentary on just about everything.  It’s been a lot of fun so far…..

All the best









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