Acoustic Corner : When You’re In Love

Part 3: ‘When You’re in Love” by Adam Harkus. Live from Acoustic Corner.

Here’s a  brand new song written only yesterday morning (11th March 2017) in all of 30 minutes.

A simple message above the strength that love gives you to get through life’s challenges. The inspiration came from wanting to change things up a little, so this is a waltz in 3/4 time, which really gives it that old-school ‘ballroom dance’ atmosphere I was looking for.

With the song still fresh in my head, I though I’d capture the moment live on Acoustic Corner. The capo couldn’t save me this time, so this is also the first time I’ve done a song in tuned 2 steps down.

Hope you like it.

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When you tired of being late.
When the truth is hard to take.
When your days have gone to waste.
When the world seems on your case

When your in love
Your playing no more games
When your in love
Your moving through the rain
When your in love
It’s soothing all your pain
When your in love
You’ll never feel same.

For this future is all I need
And we’ll there eventually
It’s round the corner, and through the door
Don’t you worry anymore.


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