Goa : A Lesson In Life – The Audiobook. Available Free on Amazon Now!

My debut publication, Goa: A Lesson in Life is now available in audiobook format to own for FREE on Amazon.

Back in August 2006 I visited Goa, India. A trip that affected my outlook on life, views on my country, and my attitude towards others of all backgrounds. In 2015, I finally decided to put down in writing all the experiences encountered on my journey, not least my admiration for India, it’s people, and it’s culture.

Hear all about the ups and downs of an experience of a lifetime, absolutely FREE! with an Amazon Audible Trail!

Narrated by  Chiquito Joaquim Crasto who lends a marvellously authentic and expressive take on the original text. Give it a listen, I know you’ll love it!

You can also check out the Paperback and eBook versions here

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