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Unlocking the guitar fretboard and understanding key signatures

By Gary from Tune in, Tone up! This supports our podcast on SoundCloud on Friday 12th May 2017 (episode 13b is about how to practise without your guitar) https://tunein-toneup.com/2017/05/05/guitar-lesson-13-how-to-practice-without-a-guitar-and-further-rhythm-ideas-and-alternate-tuning/ If I could advise myself...

The Blogging Musician - 100th Blog Post. Source: amslerPIX

100th Blog Post : My Blogging Journey so far

Today I reached the milestone of my 100th blog post after almost two years of blogging. Here’s the story of ‘The Blogging Musician’ so far… I’ve loved every minute of blogging, it’s allowed me...