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The Blogging Musician - 100th Blog Post. Source: amslerPIX 8

100th Blog Post : My Blogging Journey so far

Today I reached the milestone of my 100th blog post after almost two years of blogging. Here’s the story of ‘The Blogging Musician’ so far… I’ve loved every minute of blogging, it’s allowed me...

1000 Followers - The Blogging Musician 4


The Blogging Musician has now reached 1000 Followers! Thank you to each and everyone of you for following my blog. I have new instalments of my travel blogs A Postcard to Blackpool and Prague:...

Guest Bloggers Wanted 2

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Calling all  Musicians, Travel Writers and Bloggers. We want YOU! to become part of The Blogging Musician community @ adamharkus.com The areas we’re focussed on are: Music Gear Reviews. Musical Instrument tips (Guitars in particular...