8 Great Pinball Machines with Rock

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Kiss Pinball. 8 Great Pinball Machines with Rock – adamharkus.com

Pinball machines have been loved for decades, but have you ever stopped to think about the music that can be heard when you play the pinball machines?

Well, there are a lot of classic pinball machines that have a great selection of music, and many of them even play the most epic parts of the featured albums when you get a big score or you enter a multi-ball mode. When I think about the pinball machines that I played when I was younger, the most memorable ones had rock and roll themes. Let’s take a look at some of the pinball machines with great rock and roll soundtracks.

Tommy Pinball Wizard

We all know the iconic song from The Who entitled “Pinball Wizard,” but what many people are not aware of is that there was a rock opera that followed Tommy on his journey to become a legendary pinball champion. After the movie was released, there was a pinball machine released as well that featured 21 songs that were part of the movie’s soundtrack. The gameplay ends with a multi-ball mode that utilizes six balls and plays an epic song.

Kiss Pinball

This machine was created back in the year 1979, but it is still one of the most iconic pinball machines that were ever created. In fact, an updated version of the machine was created decades later, and it instantly became a hit with pinball fans across the world. When you play this machine, you will hear 10 of the most popular Kiss songs as well as some solo hits from a few of the band members. One of the most memorable features of this pinball machine is the “Blood Spitting Demon Bass Solo” that plays when you get a multi-ball bonus.

Rolling Stones Pinball

The Rolling Stones are a great rock group, but I think that their pinball machine is just as great as their music. This is especially true because the machine features 13 of their most popular hits. The machine does not have a lot of advanced features, but the music and the flashy design is more than enough for a pinball fan.

Metallica Pinball

This is a pinball machine that was created as a result of Metallica’s iconic song entitled “Master of Puppets.” There were 12 songs from the band that are included on this machine, and they include iconic songs like “Fade to Black” and the song that the machine is named after “Master of Puppets.” There are also a few other Metallica pinball machines, but they are not themed after a specific song from the band.

Guns ‘N Roses Pinball

This is quite an impressive machine! It comes with a lot of bright colors, exquisite artwork, and iconic hits from the band that can be heard as you play the machine. When you insert a quarter into the slot, the first thing that you hear is the song “Welcome to the Jungle,” which is designed to get you excited as you play the machine. “Ain’t Going Down” is another Guns ‘N Roses song that can also be heard playing on this machine.

AC/DC Pinball

Another one of the pinball machines that utilize great music as part of their bonus features in the game is the AC/DC pinball machine. There are eight very popular AC/DC songs included on this machine, but they are loved by pinball fans even more when they are played as big points are scored. If you hit any of the standing targets on the playing field, “Thunderstruck” will initiate. You will want to jump on the “Rock ‘N Roll Train” when you get near the ramp on the left, and the right ramp on this pinball machine will lead you straight to the “Highway to Hell.”

Aerosmith Pinball

This pinball machine was designed to capture the energy of an Aerosmith concert, so it includes nine of the band’s most popular songs. Some of the top hits that play during your gameplay experience include “Toy’s in the Attic,” “Love in an Elevator,” and “Rats in the Cellar.” The newest version of this game was created in 2017, so if you are a pinball fan, check it out.

The Beatles Pinball

The final pinball machine that has great rock music that deserves to be on this list is designed after a classic rock band that we all know and love. This pinball machine has a design that resembles the members of the band along with a drum set with the band’s name. Early models of this machine did not have full approval to use the name of the band, so some machines say “The Bootles” instead.

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