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Is the Human Race Going Backwards? The Blogging Musician @ adamharkus.com 0

Is the Human Race going backwards?

I was a child of the 80’s. Of the space shuttle and the real Star wars between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A., of technological leaps in computer technology and Concorde. What happened to the advancement...

Gavin Wilson - Missing Since 2006

Gavin Wilson – Missing since 2006

Gavin Wilson – Missing Since 2006. To all of my Readers, Writers & Friends. Gavin Wilson has been missing since 2006, so please can you all join and share this group to make someone’s...

Dad Diaries: The Blogging Musician @ adamhark.com. Image by aaayyymm eeelectriik

Dad Diaries : The daily struggle

Welcome to my brand new series: Dad Diaries! Humorous anecdotes of everyday life with my three beautiful children; my rowdy three year old son and his two sisters, identical twins of nine months. It’s...