A Postcard to Blackpool

In the coming weeks, I’ll be putting together my  ‘Postcard to Blackpool’, a love letter to the much-maligned, neglected and forgotten British seaside resort, which is still the largest in the UK and still holds a very special place in my heart.

As opposed to the chronologically ordered chapters of Goa Trip, this will be an ad-hoc observation of the history, the people and, most of all, the atmosphere and personality of this one-time British holiday destination of choice, the ‘Las Vegas of the North’.

Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.


2 Responses

  1. I’m excited about this one 🙂 Blackpool has been part of my “bucket list” for so long. I’m sure you must have checked this already but, in case you didn’t : http://www.vice.com/video/blackpool–23

  2. Can’t wait… I’ve been to Blackpool back in 1999… It was sort of ‘introduction’ into British culture by my Oldham future parents-in-law… They really wanted to impress me))).
    Blackpool was the first place I had fish and chips at..

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