Acoustic Corner : The Indian

Part 2:  ‘The Indian’ by Adam Harkus. Live from Acoustic Corner.

I wrote ‘The Indian’ way back in 1999 as part of my unreleased and un-named third album. It’s song about the plight of the peaceful native American Indians against the cruelty of the ‘White Man’. A powerful message long forgotten, but one we can still all learn from today.

Played on a Taylor 110e Acoustic.


We travelled far through the lands
Built a home on foreign sands
And there we lived on sacred ground
We hurt no-one, we made no sound

Our ways passed on from father to son
Our warriors strong, our tribe will be as one
We made a life and vowed to live in peace
Until that day when they came

Our father’s bones are buried here
And we will fight to keep them near
We’ll use the land we know so well
They kill our wives ? they burn in hell

We’ll fight for truth no matter what they say
The battle raged harder every day
He lost his friend, his father and his son
But in the end was it worth it?

Here I stand on holy ground
There’s no-one here, not a sound
The white man came, took him away
But Indian brave, he made them pay

His father’s bones they lay beneath his feet
The warrior sun, together in the heat
He looked around, and all around is home
For this last day, and they came



7 Responses

  1. Adam, have you ever used a seagull guitar? they are a subdivision of godine guitars I think. They sound great though. I recently acquired one, and have been very impressed with the quality and craftmanship. especially considering it only cost about $300.

    • Adam Harkus says:

      Funnily enough my previous acoustic was a Simon &, Patrick Cedar SP6. (same brand as Seagull) I loved that guitar, it had a lovely satin finish and naturally warm tone. The Taylor I must admit suits my voice a lot better though as it’s brighter (my voice is a bit bass heavy sometimes).

  2. Beautiful voice,Melodious music,ADAM! Keep IT UP!!

  3. Adam Harkus says:

    Thanks a lot! Next installment will be this weekend hopefully!

  4. Great voice! Enjoyed listening.

  5. Real good. Any chance you can move from your living room to a sound studio next time? At least that is what the photo looked like. Keep it up man, life is short and we got to do what we came here to do so we leave with no regrets. Non, Je ne Regrette Rein.

    • Adam Harkus says:

      No chance at all. This IS my sound studio 🙁 (for the moment) Thanks for watching !

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