Contributor Spotlight : Niko Lalangas

Contributor Spotlight : Niko Lalangas. The Blogging Musician @

Contributor Spotlight : Niko Lalangas. The Blogging Musician @

Introducing the multi-talented musician, recording artist and guitarist/guitar teacher extraordinaire:  Niko Lalangas!

Niko Lalangas was born in Athens, Greece. He grew up and spent most of his life in Westchester County, New York. A musician for about 25 years, Niko started teaching early on for experience and has now been teaching for over 20 years. A guitarist by trade, he’s been privileged to dabble in many different types of jobs: Solo projects, original projects, cover bands, private parties and weddings, musicals, opening for larger acts, and localized TV appearances including a pilot in NYC. A full time musician and father, Niko has always strived for a healthy lifestyle eating right, avoiding drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol – the cliches of the “rock star” attitude. Passing these lessons onto students, he’s volunteered time with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as a positive role model for teenagers.
Currently he has several personal albums available for purchase and streaming through:
  • iTunes Music Store/iTunes Match
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes Radio
  • Google Play Music Store/Google Cloud
  • Amazon
  • Claro Musica
  • Shazam
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • 24-7 Entertainment in Europe.
You can visit Niko at his website and find him on Facebook.
Niko’s contributions to The Blogging Musician:
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  1. What an intro! Thank you! I’m happy very to be contributing.

  2. Adam Harkus says:

    My Pleasure Niko!

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