This Is Who I Am

Written, Produced and Performed by Adam Harkus

Words By Adam Harkus and Dave Robson

14 Responses

  1. beautiful song, Adam … I really feel what you’re saying

  2. Adam, thanks for your visit to my blog.

    Your music is amazing! I found myself connecting to your writing. I’ll be back to listen further. Best of luck to you.

  3. The Millionaire's Digest says:

    Hey Old Sport, I got your email and just want to tell you that I’ve accepted your request. I’ve sent you the email to join our Millionaire’s Digest team. See you soon Old Sport! Thank you.

    • Much appreciated! Any advise on where to start?

      • The Millionaire's Digest says:

        What do you mean…? If you’re asking me what you should write about, that is totally 100% your call. I have no control over what you want to write about just as you follow the rules & restrictions we wrote out on our “Apply to Become a….” post.

        And lol, you don’t do this for me, you do this for yourself. I’m just the publisher of the articles, which means I have to go through and read every single one to make sure there’s no spelling errors, it follows the guidelines, and all the other things that go along with it.

        But yes, you can write as many as you want, how many ever you want, and submit them whenever you want. Also, you’re always welcome to reference other articles you’ve written on your website and include linkbacks to them so it can direct more traffic to your website. If you want to know more about the restrictions and rules that go along with writing your posts, you can read them here.

  4. Hey Adam, I’ve browsed through your blog and I like its style. I’ve got a story called blue jasmine and I’d really like your feedback, when you have the chance. Do you like Foreigner?

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