Gigging is the ace up your sleeve

Gigging is the Ace up your Sleeve - The Blogging Musician @

Gigging is the Ace up your Sleeve – The Blogging Musician @


So this week we reformed our old band. Cosmic Space Pirates.

I’ve missed it, greatly,  summing it up a while back in The little things I miss about being in a band.

I was going to try and express my thoughts on getting back into it through the usual blog, but I came across this inspired piece of poetry on, where I’m an avid participant.

It just about says it all…..

Gigging is the ace up your Sleeve.

Live performance is your insurance, wellspring, the hive-haven that perpetually orbits your realm and purpose around the intangibles of potential opportunity.

Consider the oysters at your feet of laurel-lights past, the conducting mastery that directed eyes to a carousel of serendipity. It is GOOD to be the lion.

For no other reason (assuming that you have diligently developed your talents over time,) this public display of you AT YOUR BEST is your buffer against the various social contingencies that continually seek to jeopardize the other capacities of your life.

The teddy-bear and false-humility mentality is beguiled into taking yet another one for the team, sacrificing toil, duty, and years of grind-stoning for popular expectations that wring the blood from the clay in the end.

It is distasteful to submit to a future and format that compels the cannibalization of hard-won assets, in the draining grist-time surrendering the one razor-sharp weapon that guarantees solidarity and means.

Is it really necessary to lose the very things that opened dragon-eyes and seduced you into the lock-it-down comforts that demanded your compliance and complacency in the grand social matrix of settling?

A player who is the master of their element has the dangerous capacity to pique the imaginations of the swarm, and therein lies a secret to leveraging yourself away from the wiles of cultural norms, which do not have your best interest at heart.

Ponder the power and gravity that your years of dedication can instill compartmentally across the platforms of your interactions, the circles of your regrets, as a formidable tool to negotiate for more of YOUR imperative.

Brilliant isn’t it?

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3 Responses

  1. Gigging and being in a band is the best! Have fun with it Adam and I hope to catch you playing one day.

  2. Adam Harkus says:

    We’ll be gigging this year. Maybe if you’re around the North-East sometime …. We’re booking in some dates now 🙂

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