Happy 2018 from The Blogging Musician!

Happy 2018 from The Blogging Musician! adamharkus.com

Happy 2018 from The Blogging Musician! adamharkus.com

Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to start off the New Year with a quick refresh of what The Blogging Musician is, for any new readers out there……

“The Blogging Musician has grown from a personal hub into a valuable resource community for musicians and writers alike.”

I also didn’t want to lose track of why I started this out in the first place, as a place to explore my passion for  Guitar, Songwriting, Music Production,   and from that, something completely unexpected… Travel Writing, which spawned my first (but definitely not last) publication : Goa : A Lesson In Life.

… And also my debut album This is Who I Am.

From there, the Blogging Musician has welcomed contributions from a range of talented writers and musicians , enriching and diversifying a growing community by opening up discussion and collaboration on a widening range of topics, but still in keeping with the main themes of Music / Guitar / Travel and Writing/Blogging in general.

Please feel free to contact me or Submit your own articles here if you’d like to get involved.


So to all our contributors and readers old and new…. Thank you! And….

Here’s to a fantastic 2018!




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