Growing Evidence That Music Increases Intelligence

Growing Evidence That Music Increases Intelligence. The Blogging Musician @

Growing Evidence That Music Increases Intelligence. The Blogging Musician @

Evidence suggests that listening to music involves the entire brain, activating each and every section. This means that your whole brain is getting a workout and neural pathways become strengthened.

Musicians will also understand the brainpower required to play an instrument and may not be surprised to learn that music can boost cognitive performance. A growing body of research is showing the link between music and increased intelligence. Here are just a few benefits of playing and listening to music.

Spatial Awareness

A recent brain study revealed that listening to music was linked to a significant improvement in performance when it came to tasks involving spatial-temporal reasoning. This allows you to spot patterns and to solve problems using the information you have at hand. Scientific research in this area is evidence of the so-called “Mozart effect”.

While a temporary improvement in spatial awareness has been shown, it is unclear whether this has a permanent effect on the brain. It is popularly believed that playing classical music to a young child will help their brain to develop in order to have greater spatial-temporal reasoning. However, most the studies have only been performed on young adults and show a temporary, though significant, improvement.


Another area of intelligence which music may affect is memory. This could be because of the relaxing quality of music, which helps to lower stress during studying so that you can take in more information. Whether you wish to improve your working or long term memory, this can be hard to achieve if you are stressed. Pleasurable music can also boost mood and motivate you to work.

Playing Can Increase IQ

So there seem to be some real benefits of listening to music for intelligence. However, if you really want to test your IQ level, then your best bet is to learn a new instrument. Some researchers have claimed that playing a musical instrument can boost your IQ by as much as 7 points. This is because the complicated chords and note patterns force your brain to form new pathways, changing its shape.

The brain is extremely plastic and is influenced by its environment. This can occur later in life than you might have imagined. While the science is still new, there is clearly no harm in listening to and playing music. It may increase your IQ or it may just relax you and help you to study. Either way, using music will be of some cognitive benefit.

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