New album "This is Who I am" available to buy now.

This is my brand new album This is Who I am.  Available to buy now from

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  1. Nice! Trying to write an album myself at the moment and put it online…heres the kind of stuff I have been writing if you fancy having a listen?

    • That’s a great song. Instantly memorable and you can play and sing really well to pull the great song idea off. Never be happy with it though, my advise would be to add a backing vocal in the chorus, put some simple bass on yourself (even if you aren’t a bass player) and add some drum loops. The main thing is, you’ve got it, you can write a good song, and nobody can teach you that. All the rest is easy, you just have to put the time in. I’ve got loads of articles and songwriting on this blog, take a look. The very best if luck to you, your music is good enough for you to do well if you want it.

  2. Curiosity says:

    Mate! Your music is kickass! Great work! I like this style.

  3. No problem at all. Press as much as you like! Really appreciate it. Thank you.

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